Toby the Dachshund does tricks for cookies!

Toby the Dachshund does tricks for cookies!

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Watch Toby as he does his favorite tricks such as fetch, roll-over and sit-up. Next up, long division.


  1. I love your boy. Go easy on the sitting up, though, as it can lead to sudden back problems. Also, jumping off and on furniture. I speak from experience; my nearly 8 year old tweenie weenie suddenly got intervertebral disk disease. After months of heartbreak and rehab (not to mention $5000.00) he’s back to about 95%. I went right out and invested in some foam stairs both for the couch and my bed (ever heard of a dachshund sleep in a crate?). Just wouldn’t want anyone else to go through that.

  2. I can’t even let my dog lay upside down or she will cry because of there horrible backs this guy is sitting up and all kinds of horrible shit in my dog could never do

  3. Toby…want back surgery?  You keep listening to your owner asking you to "sit up" and sure as night follows day you’ll end up with IDD.  Poor Toby…he has a STUPID owner!

  4. I have 4 Doxies. If you are really big on NEVER having poo or pee in the house a Doxie is not for you. But for us it is like a kid doing undesirable things. It is just a part of the package.

  5. I have also a tan female dachshund, she’s four yrs old and do some tricks that’s instinct to them, so funny, you don’t exert effort to teach them

  6. My gardener taught my previous dachy (who’s in doggy heaven now), to sit like that on her hind legs; she would sit like that for long periods of time…

    The younger one we have now is not the brightest on the planet… but I absolutely love these dogs!

  7. Hey awesome video! Made me smile man. To the 17 dislikes…..Suck a @#$!. My favorite is the comment from Tritonrock. Oh hey toby want back surgery just listen to your master blah blah blah hahaha you nutsack. I have a mini dachshund who is 15 going on 5 and he has climbed stairs his whole life. Do us all a favor and go cry to your family you turd! The world doesnt need another douche! HAHAHAHAHAHA Rock on Toby!

  8. He just learned a routine loop of tricks….try doing it backwards or all out of order, then It will be more impressive. Nothing special

  9. We got Toby at about 8 months old, so he was on his way to be trained. The key is patience and repetition. And have time for the fist weeks to stick to it; vacation time perhaps. Keep him busy otherwise. To start, take the dog out on a regular schedule, to the same place. For Toby (and our other dog Spencer), we have a dog door. I had to first train them to go through the door (with food). Then shooed them out every hour or so. They did have accidents at the start, but now go out by themselves.

  10. Hard to see … Dacshunds not like to obey … Just to show what they already know from birth … Congratulations !!! See my Tobi in  Tobi protege o seu ursinho and Tobi protege o seu ursinho … 🙂

  11. Toby is a talented boy.  I understand what dallyandmango is saying.  Our doxies have fragile backs.  My dog is 12, and although she has been blessed with no back problems, she has a bad rear hip and knee socket. I don’t let her jump off or up on anything.  She walks fine, but I watch her closely.  These dogs weren’t designed well, but they will be my favorite. They are such little clowns.

  12. Is that a Dachshund robot? (:->)

    Dachshunds are too stubborn to do ANYTHING you want them too! My Doxies would never bring a ball back to me! Pickles will mostly bring it near me and I have to literally take it out of his mouth, sometimes with him hanging in the air!

    Congrats on having such a wonderful Dachshund and thanks MUCH for posting the clip.

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