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Should you be using food to train your Dachshund?

Have you ever asked yourself if using food is wrong when training your Dachshund?

Are you concerned about doing the right thing in training your Dachshund with food?

If you have, then I can promise you that you are not the only one thinking about this important question.

It’s something that many dachshund owners never actually get straight in their minds.

it is one of the most powerful methods to use and very simple to use in your Dachshund training!

What I am about to explain in this article will almost certainly surprise you but also makes total sense.

It will contradict some of the things that you have heard through the grapevine,

but getting tips from other dachshund owners at the park is not always the best

place to get your dachshund training advice from.


Once you have read this article I am sure that both you and your dachshund will have a

much better relationship and a more positive training experience.

Not to mention a greater understanding and appreciation for each other.

Firstly, let’s look at the comment that you should never use food to get

your dachshund to respond to you because your dachshund will then only

listen to you if you have food in your hand. This is simply not true.

Doggy Dan, the world famous dog trainer from


tells me his dogs listen to him whether he has food or not, yet he trained them all initially

with food rewards!!

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The reason you can start by using food is because of one simple yet powerful

Technique. Once your dachshund has learned to respond to your command

without thinking about it, you simply reduce the food out gradually!

Reducing the food out is such an important concept, and is also referred to

as using ‘random rewards’ which apply the random reinforcement technique.

An extremely subtle, simple technique that is very powerful. In a nutshell you simply start giving

your dachshund the treat from inside your hand so they can’t see it. Then you slowly start to

reward only every 2nd and then every 3rd time. Eventually you can space out the treats until

they become random rewards. In a separate article I’ll explain how to boost your results with the

random rewards and leave your dachshund totally focused and awaiting your

next command without using up all your food too fast! So look out for that one…


The second myth about using food is this: dachshunds should just be happy to

work for you without any food rewards. I have heard this said and I have

noticed that it’s nearly always said by people who have not owned or trained

many dachshunds or by people who are quite happy to use a lot of force, fear

and aggression in their training.

In a way, this approach was the “old school” way – that dachshunds should just be

obedient or else. Well the way I see it is this… How long would you work for nothing?

Not long I am guessing! And for many dachshunds that’s exactly how they see it.

They get bored working so hard with absolutely no reward in return.

I bet most of you would quit within the 2nd or 3rd times after getting no

rewards! Now not all dogs require food treats, some dogs are just so happy to

please and with them the rewards are optional. However put very

simply, all dogs are different. There are those who’ll do anything you ask with a smile on

their face, and those who are always thinking about their next meal.


Like stubborn dachshunds!

With a dog who just wants to please there may be no need to use food rewards

once they have understood what you want.

On the other hand, dachshunds who do not care for your pats, cuddles or their ball

when they are racing around the park playing with other dogs are the ones that

will seriously benefit from some very deliberate food training. Because they respond to food.

By now you’re probably thinking that you always end up giving your dachshunds food treats,

but that couldn’t be further from the truth! As I mentioned earlier, when you understand how

to fade out your food treats out and use a boost-effect to maximize the use of your treats

(which is another topic I’ll cover soon), you too will find your dachshund responding

to you lightning fast every time.


So next time you are out with your dachshund feel free to use food as a reward

when they do something good and don’t worry about anybody telling

you otherwise. But also remember to start to reduce the rewards over a long period

of time. There is no rush though, and we are talking months not days!

Eventually you may end up only using the food rewards every 5th time,

then every 20th time… And by the way, if you’re worried about them eating too much, simply

take it out of their dinner so their total amount eaten during the day stays the same.

Hopefully that helps clear a few things up about the use of food. It’s always going to be

the number one reward for most dachshunds and other dogs for that matter.

Soon I’ll explain how to boost the effect of using food rewards and also

go into a little more about exactly which food treats will get the best


Once again, I can promise you that this simple trick will make you smile.

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