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We’re just dachshund lovers who also happen to like to have fun with video websites.  We have two dachshunds, Solo & Retta.   Solo was our first and we adopted him when he was about 3 1/2.   We got his sister Retta about a year and a half later.   Both of them like to sit up like people.  Here’s David with Retta, hanging out on the couch watching TV.

David & Retta
David & Retta

Solo’s the one whose puppy picture appears in the logo.  Who couldn’t love a face like that??   Solo is our curious boy – gets into all sorts of trouble.  We found him inside the washing machine once and we know he’s been up on the dining room table since we found evidence on the computer (was he skyping his girlfriend ???).   As I am sure with your dogs, they have their own little amazing personalities.   Retta is the protector of the home, barking wildly at any passing noise.  Solo doesn’t make a peep, but as soon as we’re outside, for a walk or to the Petsmart, he’s the one who does all the protecting.

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