Maine Coon Vs Dachshund – King of the Bed

Maine Coon Vs Dachshund – King of the Bed

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Naruto Vs Pepper


Barilicious from YouTube Audio Library

Dachshund Mr. Pepper
Beautiful Dog Margo
Cornish Rex Patrick
Scottish Straight Shanti
British Longhair Carrie
Maine Coon Muffin
Maine Coon Claus
Maine Coon Naruto
Maine Coon Neymar


  1. I like Maine coons. Being a dog person, they seem much more sociable and eager to interact than other cats. They seem fun.

  2. My doxie would never play or fight back, she just kept getting shredded so mister frank loves with friends now. Bean the doxie has the whole bed to herself these days (except my little slice in the corner)

  3. Naruto..Beautifull name.And of course the Main Coon wins!I have too off the same and nobody wins from the Main Coon..Even big dogs lose..

  4. MC’s are generally such good natured cats. I’d call it a tie, they can share the bed, have a "Bed-In For Peace";)

  5. It’s so fascinating to see their different wrestling styles. The dog goes in for quick ‘bites,’ the cat’s arms are long enough to reach across the dog’s back and flip him over.

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